What is BITTOP?

Bittop is an exclusive product which is ideal to optimize and to protect your Fraiser router bits !

It has been specifically created to make your cutter as more productive as possible; it is a special concentrated formulation created by us and it is able to maintain and preserve the tools, so that they can last much longer.


BITTOP is a product:

  • Which is completely NON-TOXIC so you absolutely don’t have to be afraid to touch it without gloves.
  • Which also removes ADHESIVE substances (such as pitch, resin etc.) so that your tool can be always clean and ready to use.
  • Which is CONCENTRATED so a few drops are enough to clean or maintain your cutter.
  • Which is ESSENTIAL because it extends a lot more both the efficiency and the duration of the tool.



 After the use, cutters are quite often put in the toolbox without being properly cleaned, until they are used again.

Several customers, sure enough those who are not experts, complained about a decrease of the performance after the first use as if the cutter lost the bigger part of their properties. As a consequence many customers complained about a lack of strength and precision.

I tried to figure out an explanation for a very long time but I found none.



How can this happen only to a few and not to everyone?

I started to study the problem by making focused questions; I had a real questionnaire, a sort of third degree. I had to find out if there was something in common among those who complained since it was my duty to try to fix this terrible setback.


It wasn’t the milling machine – it wasn’t the mandrel – it wasn’t even the number of turns…so I started to think that maybe there was something wrong with the way the client used the cutter, but you can never blame the customer, at least until you are 100% sure.

I was very dejected and I was ready to point the finger against my work or, even worse, against my partner…when something rang a bell and I decided to ask one last question that, until then, I had always taken for granted.



 “I don’t know, I live them in the milling machine for weeks”

“I put them back in the box once I finished…I mean the don’t get damaged, do they?”

“How do I preserve the tools? Come on it’s not a tomato”


BINGOOO! Pandora’s box got opened… I had found finally that thing that was wrong among all the clients.



 It’s extremely important that you preserve the tool in the proper way and that, after the use, you clean it appropriately. This will prevent the creation of premature breakages and, in the worst case scenario, the formation of rust.

BITTOP is a product that, if it is used constantly, helps you to extend both the duration and the life of your tool and, by doing so, the improvement of your production will be considerable.


 All you have to do is put a few drops on the sharp part of the cutter and wait a few seconds – then you have to use a scraper to rub and take away all the dirty from the cutter (also a cloth is ok but it has to be used with strength).


Once the cutter is cleaned, before you put it back in the box or, maybe better, in the tool-holder, you have to put a few more drops on the shank and on the head: you have to do it with your finger and not with the cloth because the drops would be absorbed by it and they wouldn’t remain on the cutter; but don’t worry BITTOP is ecological and non-toxic so you can touch it with your bare hands.

As you can see, it takes only a few seconds…and every time you will have a tool on top of the situation and always well preserved, ready to face every single producing.

P.S. BITTOP is not a magic formula that comes from the future which is able to turn the tool into a “super-tool”, don’t be so naïve!

It is simply the right mean and the right method to keep and preserve your tool. If you are already using any other concentrate (but I doubt that because most of the sellers don’t even know what it is for) I congratulate and I even tell you that you can keep on using it (but maybe you can try BITTOP because I can guarantee that only a very few drops a necessary).


PPS. BITTOP is an exclusive FRAISER product and it’s not sold separately. You can have it only if you buy a Fraiser cutter, not even if you purchase an accessory. You specifically have to buy a Fraiser cutter