Fraiser – strong italian router bits to be the leader in your field

Are your tired of buyin mediocre items?

Do you really want to distinguish yourself and face your work calmly?


Congratulations! Welcome to the right place for you: our website. You will realize in a flash, how easy and pleasant it is to work with Fraiser router bits, which have been specifically designed to be strong and precise at the same time, making each manufacturing perfect.  

 You will find lots of ideas and solutions to both use and complete your manufacturing in the best way.

…but I don’t want you to get bored with the descriptions of my products, indeed I want to talk to you about Fraiser and about what pushed me to launch this new line, entirely dedicated to router bits.

Since I was a child, i’ve always been fascinated by DIY, and in particular I was intrigued by router bits and their manufacturing. Over the years, though, I found four fundamental problems:

The router bits that I was looking for and that I wanted were not easily reachable on the market. Several times happened that I had to buy a further router bits to finish the work because I was afraid that the first one that I bought could break or might produce a second rate degree of the finish.

Misinformation was another issue; the biggest part of the companies is uninformed and, as a consequence, the supply of low quality products was constantly growing.

The “guaranteed” delivery was only an excuse to fill up the website; it was just a matter of image.




They told me:

“the break is quite normal, the tools are all imported low cost from other countries”

“strong router bits can be found only…”

…and obviously they had no idea of where they could be found: but they had no idea because they didn’t know how to deal with this topic in the fist place.

I didn’t give up. I wanted to have router bits that were able to complete a precise manufacturing without breaking; I wanted to have a concrete place to go when I wanted to be advised and be safe from the mediocrity of common people.

Obviously I wanted to do it in Italy and I wanted to have an exclusive line that would have dealt only with router bits for wood, they had to be the strongest.

 It was a hard challenge but, with the help of my co-workers, here it is: the fist brand dedicated entirely to router bits, to Italian strong router bits, which springs and sells exclusively online.

Frese Fraiser per legno elicoidali e sagomate

In our website you will find out lots of solutions and numerous ideas that hopefully will help you to give vent to your imagination.

If you want to know more don’t hesitate to contact me via email ( or by filling out the form clicking here.

It’s a Fraiser generation.



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