Why should you choose us basically? Why us?

The appraisals below are from the best companies in the field; these companies have tried out, tested and evaluated our router bits and, after the trial period, they decided to use them permanently.



Martino Comez – Specialized worker

Martina IFI S.p.A.

“I accepted to try these router bits out because I know Matteo very well and, as a consequence, I know how much he cares about offering both an excellent product and a good service”.

I found a strong and precise product from the very fist moment so it is obvious that, behind it, there has been an excellent selection of the materials.

I don’t agree with the fact that they don’t make miracles; the chance to have a good product which is quite always at your disposal and is also delivered quickly, is something that happens rarely, especially here in Italy.

I’ve been working in this field for over 20 years and I absolutely recommend the trial of one of these router bits.

I almost forgot: BITTOP, the exclusive protector, is fantastic, especially for those, like me, who love cleanness and want to maintain the tool properly. I always use it once I finish the manufacturing so that I can find always a perfect and well-maintained tool for the next use.”

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Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Imab logo

Imab Group S.p.A.

Luca Pierini – Supervisor of technical services

“The strength of Fraiser router bits is something that we undoubtedly appreciate because it allowed us to carry our production out without interruptions or any other setback; so our high standards are absolutely satisfied.

The delivery service has always been punctual and the technical support has never failed once.”

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Fraiser - Perchè noi ? S2 logo

S2 S.p.A.

Ugoccioni Massimo – CAD/CAM programming and development

Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Ugoccioni Massimo

“The product perfectly mirrors all the research and certification work which lies behind the tool itself. These router bits are giving us a great contribution for the production of our exclusive products for the most important Italian and Worldwide design companies. The things that I definitely appreciate are the elevated strength and the cut precision, besides the always reliable and prompt service”.

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Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Borselli

Borselli S.r.L.

Luciano Romani – Responsible

Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Luciano Romani

“We produce in our company thousands of metres of cornices for the biggest Italian furniture factories everyday. We’ve been using router bits for over 30 years and I can distinguish very well a mediocre product from a top product.I immediately liked Fraiser router bits for their strength, as Matteo calls it, and their precision, which never disappoints you. The service is always reliable. When I have to prepare a production I can focus only on the client because I’m sure that I have a great supplier behind me”.

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Dedrarredo S.r.L.

Termopoli Marco – Business partner


“We are a small company located in Montecalvo in Foglia (PU) and everyday we deal with estimates and urgencies so it is very important for us to choose the right suppliers, especially suppliers who manage not to make you waste time and money. I tried out Fraiser service (which includes also its products) and it left me very enthusiast; very strong router bits which are perfectly able to carry out the work they have been created for. Also the service is very efficient; if a I have to describe it with two adjectives I would choose transparent and reliable. I particularly like the fact that I can use the same tools used by leader companies in this field; as we said, we are a small reality so having the chance to find a benchmark is extremely important to us and, from now on, this is how we will consider Fraiser”.  

Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Bartoli & Sassetti

Bartoli R. & Sassetti V. & C. Sas

Roberto Bartoli – Boss

Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Bartoli Roberto

“Finally a reliable and willing supplier, even on Sunday evening, the moment in which I like to program my working week. I can take a look and order the router bits that I’m going to use having the certainty and the reliability of both prize and delivery, especially with those special warranties; I never found unpleasant surprises on the invoice.I use Fraiser router bits to produce exclusive design pouches for lots of famous brands and I have to say that our standards have been fully satisfied. Very good”.

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Fraiser - Perchè noi ? General Restauri

General Restauri s.a.s. di Luzi Daniele & C.

Luzi Daniele – Administrator

Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Luzi Daniele

“We are a family-run business and we produce bathroom furniture. Actually the slogan “it works like the best ones” sounded to me like a common fraud; a slogan which had the purpose to make you buy the tool and once the purchase was completed the seller would have disappeared. Clearly I was wrong, this time the tool was exactly as it was described. I know the companies that have reviewed the product and I have had also the chance to talk to one of the people who had made the review, who confirmed all it was said. After having tried out the product I can say that I have found strong and precise router bits, an impeccable service and some special warranties that allowed me to be relaxed. What would I possibly want more? Now I just have to sit in front of my computer if I want to buy the router bits used by the leaders in this field. Congratulations”

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Cofema Srl Di Micheli Roberto & C. Cofani Funebri

Micheli Marco – Legal representative

“We have been using router bits in our company since the 80s and we have exhausted thousands of them. We were a bit reluctant at the beginning but, undoubtedly, I found very strong router bits and, from the very fist moment, you can notice the high quality of the materials and the precise cutting angles. The service is excellent: in this way I can program my work in a better way because I have the certainty the router bits will be sent within 24 hours and the delivery service has always been punctual”.

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Fraiser - Perchè noi ? Bobo

Micheal Santi

Workman and artisan in the evening after work

“I have to admit that the first test went wrong, so I was really sceptic and I thought they wouldn’t have made it to improve it.

After the second test I changed my mind indeed because, as Matteo said, the router bits are very strong and precise and they cut perfectly.

I know well Matteo and I know how he works, I know all the passion that he put on this project and I know all the sacrifices that he had to work out to get here. Brilliant!


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To make you feel even more relaxed and feel that what we promise you is actually what we sell and let you get, every time we sell, for every shipment we pay you every month (look here, in contrast to other valuation methods, or Feedback as young people say, we can not interfere or intervene in any way to modify the review) an external service that monitors and monitors, asking for a certified and indelible evaluation.