Bild Durchmesser (D) B mm B pollici SP Artikelnr. Preis Buy
Dreieckige Kugellager/Anlaufringe SP 5.8 12.7 4.76 1/5 5.8 903.127.00 8,61 €
CUSCINETTO TRIANGOLARE 19 4.76 1/5 7 903.190.00 5,42 €

● The bearing, which is made of synthetic material, is extremely useful in cases where acids, solutions, corrosive substances in general and water can corrode a normal steel bearing.

● The excellent chemical stability allowes to the bearings made of synthetic meterial a wide range of uses.

● The use of these bearings is particularly recommended when the watertight integrity of the steel bearing can be compromised incresing the risks of working.


● When you change the bearing pay particular attention to the correct positioning of the bearing rotation. It must not come into direct contact with the external link of the bearing, since it would provoke its unscrewing.

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