Any problem with received goods? Does’n it satisfy you or is it damaged?

You have 14 days to communicate us that you have received the goods sending an e-mail to stating the number of the order and indicating the problem.


IMPORTANT: It’s foundamental that the goods as to be returned in the original package, wiht no damages, at your shipping costs with in 14 days from the moment that you have received it.

NB: The requests received after 14 days will be taken into consideration writing off 20% of he initial value, and an ipothetic rimborse will take place within 30 days.


If the cutter does not meet your expectations or what we promise, the return is completely FREE, otherwise the amount will be charged to the customer.

If there is a product error (wrong attac or wrong diameter, for example) the return is ALL of the costumer (because? why we are available almost 24 hours a day for any information, if you are not sure to please always ask!

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