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Welcome to, the first and only web portal in the world dedicated to router bits and wood milling, where you can buy the robust Italian Fraiser router bits and receive direct assistance from the staff of "The Urbinaiser", the specialists in router bits for wood!

If you are visiting for the first time, since this web portal has many pages and information, allow me to give you some tips to make sure you do not get lost in it.

Tips are divided according to your level of experience and/or according to the type of your professional activity.

The first step for everyone is to click on the “Why us” section (you can find it on the black bar at the top). Are we worth your time? Keep reading to find out!

Tips for beginners

Shaping wood with router bits is a wonderful art but also complex and, if approached in the wrong way can be very dangerous. This is why, before to rushing headlong into your project, I strongly suggest you read and study the free material available by clicking on Fraiser Academy (only in Italian for now, other languages will be available soon)

After you have understood the basics of router bits and milling, then you can finally start to set up your laboratory with router bits, power tools, bench, and other accessories, to start doing what you love!

To avoid making any mistakes in your choice, I suggest you contact Fraiser's assistance by clicking on "Contact Us", where engineers and technical experts will respond accurately and quickly to your requests.

"Why shouldn’t I contact technical support right away instead of studying first?" you may ask yourself....

While you can feel free to do what you think (these are simply suggestions), I believe you should have at least some knowledge on the subject to evaluate if the advice you are given is valid and valuable, or not!

If you do not have a router bit yet, you need our STARTERBOX, you can find it at the link down below:

Tips for experienced hobbyists and craftsmen

The first piece of advice I want to give you is to start browsing through the Fraiser Academy, where you can find for free hundreds of highly educational articles and videos on router bits and milling, created for you by The Urbinaisers – the specialists in router bits for wood.

In this way you might increase your skills and improve your working techniques and perhaps you might even learn how to choose the best router bit for yourself!

If you want to be completely sure of choosing the right router bit and using it the best way possible (working parameters included), you can still contact Fraiser's assistance by clicking on “Contact Us”.

If you want to browse through the various models of router bits and accessories, click on “PRODUCTS” on the black bar at the top left and a navigation menu will pop up. You can also go to the Fraiser Finder on the homepage to navigate the site very easily on your own.

A router bit that cannot be missing in your laboratory is undoubtedly the Tornado that you can find here:

If you are a luthier, you will find the right router bits for you here:

Tips for carpenters and other professional woodworkers who work with CNC routers:

In this case, I suggest you click on PRODUCTS on the black bar at the top left to open the navigation menu.

If you are interested in router bits for your CNC machine, you can find them by clicking this link

and you can also find the exclusive Boss Bevaer coated line, on this link:

If you want, you can also download our product catalog by clicking on “Router Bit Catalog” (since it is updated every 6 months, it might not include the latest models. Please, always check the website).

Tips for furniture manufacturers or other types of mass-producers

If you produce pieces in series then you most likely need to use the diamond edged router bits, you can find them here:

If you need any help, our customer support is always available to assist you in the choice and use of router bits. Just click on “Contact Us”.


Lastly, I would like to invite you to join our Fraiser Community group on Facebook where you can interact with thousands of experts and woodworking enthusiasts, post your work and comment on that of other passionate people like you!

You can find the Fraiser Community by clicking here:

Have fun exploring our website and have a great day of work as a pro with your router bits, you can always count on the Urbinaiser team from now on!

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