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Orango | Pocket Pro Cnc-ORANGO | DELUXE Consegna in 6 settimane lavorative FR.ORG1 3.888,96 € VAT included, if applicable. Customs duties, if applicable, to be paid by the customer. Geringer Lagerbestand

After years of complicated studies and endless laboratory tests, from our exclusive collaboration was born ORANGO, the first professional CNC pantograph for the advanced hobbyist that definitely solves all the problems of pantographs on the market for digital milling enthusiasts, thanks to:

  • Structure entirely in carbon steel, designed to reduce vibrations and to withstand high milling efforts.
    Anti-vibration feet, to maximize the precision of the milling
  • Worktop completely in reinforced aluminum to insert the side clamps and never lose precision, with a working profit of 400x300x70 mm
  • ER20 professional 1500 watt and 24000 rpm adjustable electro-spindle, controlled by HF inverter, with thrust bearings
  • Professional control board, with the possibility of plane probing and precise and rapid three-dimensional surveys
  • Intuitive and easy software, no tampering and licensing problems, compatible with the most famous CAD and CAM programs on the market (mach3)
  • Ballscrews and guides, for smooth and continuous movements on the working plane
  • Nema23 stepper motors with Encoder, for precise and safe movements on the working plane
  • Induction limit switches on all axes (x, y, z) to avoid collisions and to make sure that the spindle does not exit outside the working plane
  • LED lighting during bridge passage
  • Certification according to Machinery Directive 2006/42 /EC and Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC, for total safety during work
  • Possibility of tangential blade insertion and fourth working axis.

With ORANGO you will be able to express at best all your skills as designer and programmer, because the pantograph will respect exactly your commands and will perform the work perfectly, allowing in addition to the milling cutters to mill to their full potential (and with the Boss Beaver line by Fraiser, the original wood milling cutter that lasts three times as long, the potential is very high!)

As you may have already understood, we have decided to invest a lot of resources in the ORANGO project especially because we want to see our milling friends completely satisfied and we cry our hearts out every time someone contacts us with a sad and resigned voice because after the initial enthusiasm to finally have the professional Boss Beaver milling cutters by Fraiser, he realized that his pantograph is not able to make them work properly!

It's as if you mount the Formula 1 tires on the won't even be able to heat them and you'll go off the road at the first corner.

In the same way, if you mount the Formula 1 tires of the Punto on the Formula 1, you will destroy them even before entering the second gear and you will crash on the barriers.

So remember that professional milling cutters should be made to work with professional pantographs and reverse!

Otherwise you are just wasting your time and money, because one of the two fundamental elements for the perfect success of the job is an eternal saboteur, instead of a faithful collaborator.

FAQ - What you need to know to be a winning miller

How do I request the work parameters?

From today you can find the parameters of your CNC router Bits directly in your account.

Just be registered at the time of purchase and, depending on the milling cutter purchased, you will unlock the code in the parameters section that you can find here

If you have not logged in before completing your order and would like to receive the specific working parameters for your processing, you must write us an email to specifying the following:

  1. order number
  2. type of wood to be processed
  3. available milling machine (manual, vertical on bench, spindle moulder, CNC), maximum power and speed (maximum and if fixed or adjustable)
  4. brief description of the work to be carried out

In this way our experienced engineers and technicians will have all the necessary information to communicate to you in a short time the working parameters ideally correct for your specific case.

BITTOP, um die Dauer Ihres starken Fraiser-Router-Bits zu verdreifachen.

BITTOP ist ein exklusives Produkt, das dazu dient, Ihren Fraiser-Schneider zu optimieren und zu schützen, so dass er dreimal länger hält als alle anderen Alternativen.

Es wurde entwickelt, um das Beste aus Ihrem Fräser herauszuholen, eine von uns entwickelte spezielle konzentrierte Formel, die die Werkzeuge warten und konservieren kann und deren Lebensdauer deutlich erhöht.

Wie funktioniert es?

Nach der Reinigung (mit Produkten wie TOOLSNER 3.0), vor dem Einsetzen in die Box, würden nur noch wenige Tropfen, die mit dem Finger oder direkt aus der Flasche (nicht mit dem Tuch, verstreut sind, nicht im Messer verbleiben, sondern von ihm aufgenommen werden.... und keine Sorge, dass er umweltfreundlich und ungiftig ist) im Schaft und Kopf, um ihn bis zum nächsten Gebrauch in einwandfreiem Zustand zu halten.

Hier ist das in wenigen Sekunden, jedes Mal, wenn Sie ein Werkzeug auf der Höhe haben und immer gut bewacht sind, bereit, sich den extremsten Anforderungen der Verarbeitung zu stellen.

Natürlich achten Sie darauf, sich nicht selbst zu schneiden, wir lehnen jede Verantwortung ab.

Wann bin ich berechtigt, BITTOP zu erhalten?

BITTOP ist ein exklusiver FRAISER und wird nicht separat verkauft, Sie können ihn nur mit dem Kauf eines Fraiser-Schneiders erhalten. (auch nicht mit einem Zubehör- oder Nichtvergrößerungsbit, nur mit dem Kauf eines Schneidwerkzeugs, das direkt aus unserem Lager geliefert wird).

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