Are you a carpenter, an artisan or an enthusiast of d.i.y.?

Do you want to stop worrying about your cutters and start focusing on things that really matter by making use of services and cutters, which are used by the leaders of your field?


[Warning: no more excuses are allowed if you keep reading, at least not those related to cutters]


Find out how to mill and how to work better with the exclusive, strong and precise Fraiser cutters.


  • Choose the most suitable cutter for you
  • Use it for your project
  • If you are not satisfied you will receive a 101% refund

(yes, you read it correct… then I’ll explain you)


What is FRAISER?


Fraiser is the first Italian brand of strong router bits for wood, which springs and sells exclusively online.

It is the ideal cutter for making your productions perfect because the certified strength of the materials, along with the perfect angles of the blades, create a perfect milling and they also allow you to finally compete (on equal terms) with the leader companies in the field.



Obviously they are produced and tested in Italy.


Why should you choose my cutters?

Because I got tired of both the duration and precision of all the cutters on the market, since they are very scarce; this really embittered me because I wanted to be able to guarantee an excellent product and, at the same time, to instruct the customers by making them understand how to use them better.


My name is Matteo Urbinati, I’m 27 years old and I invented Fraiser, the first Italian brand of strong wood cutters, but if you want to find out more about me click here.


Fraser is born after an accurate study of several years, in which together with my brother, engineer Andrea Urbinati, and with our staff, we looked for the best materials and angles of the blades in order to make our cutters as stronger as possible. We adopted a method that required a huge sacrifice but it also brought an excellent result.


In our website you can find innovative solutions, instructions to make your production perfect and lots of other ideas to take the cue from you had never thought of. You can do all this by using our Fraiser cutters.


What makes us different from others?

We are specialized in the manufacture of Italian wood cutters and, regarding your milling, with our certified materials and our special angles of the blades we can guarantee both a perfect strength and a perfect precision.


Unlike others, our milling machines are not imported or produced below market value in some random part of the world; they are 100% Italian products and are distributed directly to the producer. This distribution occurs exclusively online: you will never find Fraiser cutters from other sellers, nor in hardware stores.


Fraiser is the cutter used by the leaders of the market.


What are we not?

  • We are not the classical company which improvises itself on the market and passes off a product for something that is not.
  • We “don’t buy and then we resell the cutters”; our producer is a vital part of our project and we developed the product together. The cutters are excellent thanks to our special process and certified materials.
  • We are not beginners, we have more that 40 years of experience. Fraiser is born after several years of hard work from highly qualified personnel.
  • We don’t want to sell you anything before you actually realize how easy and pleasant would be working with Fraiser cutters.


… and if you want a product instead:

  • It is the result of years of experience and it’s capable of helping you in difficult moments.
  • Strong and precise with special angles of the blades designed to have the best possible outcome by getting rid of wastes of time and further costs.
  • The certified materials reinforce their strength and their origin, which perfectly in line with the European standards.
  • 100% made in Italy, it guarantees a labour that very few people in the world can realize.
  • It allows you to compete on equal terms with the big companies in the field, so you won’t have any more doubts nor uncertainties.
  • It gives you the chance to focus only on your work, leaving out useless wastes of time and money.




Then I welcome you in our website.

You will find lots of ideas, solutions, suggestions and free resources and you can draw from them lots of secrets to make your manufacturing perfect and I bet that you will be surprised when you will find out some tricks you had never thought about.


Finally you can raise your level and compare it to the one of the big companies in your field, whether you are a carpenter or and artisan or an enthusiast of d.i.y.


Fraiser cutters are the same for everyone, we make no distinction; those which are used to build the most popular and awarded kitchens are accessible to everyone and you can receive them directly at home.


Think about the jobs that you have lost just because you chose the wrong cutter, because you trusted the hardware store of the neighbourhood or about the fact that you are not able to compete with other competitors and I could go on and on forever…finally you will have the opportunity to clear your head from these useless thoughts and focus on your personal satisfaction.


Remember that this is the one and only brand in ITALY and in the WORLD that offers this type of solution; FRAISER is the first company that can give you this kind of certified and studied product, which is custom-made for experts like you!


It is for these reasons that our products are 101% guaranteed, with the special warranty “satisfied or repaid” and we also offer you a coffee for the disturb.


What does it mean “we offer you a coffee”?


As you have read our products are 101% guaranteed and this means that when we make the repayment, besides the full amount of the cutter, we add an extra 1€ for having made you loose your time and in this way you can have a good cup of coffee.


P.S. the shipping and return costs are not reimbursable.

Why? Imagine that you go to a big warehouse and that you buy a tool and that, while you are coming home, you realize that you chose wrong. What happens now? Obviously you are allowed to change it or (almost never) they give you your money back, but only the money related to the tool and not the money related to the wasted time or to the gas that you wasted to go to the warehouse. It seems right, doesn’t it?



Maybe I haven’t understood well yet…



If you are not fully satisfied of the purchased product you can return the cutter without any additional cost.


Naturally, since we have faith in our project and since we know all the processes that out cutters have to face, we don’t, not even remotely, think that our fantastic cutters won’t satisfy you or won’t make you proud of having chosen us.


Our main goal is making our clients enthusiast of their choice, so that they almost fell enchanted.


Yes, but how much time am I going to wait once that I’ve bought it?






Yes you heard correctly.


I’m so sure of our service that I can guarantee you, AT THE RISK OF GIVING YOU A FREE CUTTER, that the shipment will take place within 24h from the moment that you buy the cutter and, in order to do so, the daily orders are limited.


WHAT? Limited orders?


Yes, because it’s not always possible to buy a Fraiser cutter, so I suggest to stay alert and not to wait too much because at the achievement of a certain number of orders, the maximum that we can cover in one day, they are blocked and, to make a purchase, you will have to wait until the day after, if you are among the lucky ones.


P.S. 24h stands for one day and, as always, the confirmation of the shipment will be sent in the evening; the same-day shipment is guaranteed TO ALL THE ORDERS MADE WITHIN 8 A.M.


P.P.S. if a delay occurs you will receive a voucher of the same amount of the goods that you have bought and you can use it in our online shop for any product that you wish.



  • Who want to defend the MADE IN ITALY brand, enhancing and relaunching our manpower.
  • For who always search for new and high qiality products, in order to be the best in their own job.
  • Who want to create products with the intention of surprising the customers, whether they are important companies or not.
  • For who look for a specialized expert in the field
  • Who don’t want to find any more excuses and want to focus on what really matters their own job.


If you realize that you belong to this list of real experts I suggest to contact me…don’t waste time.




Fraiser cutters are strong and certified Italian cutters and are used by the leaders in this field, but THEY DON’T MAKE MIRACLES.


Don’t expect them to cut quadruple or that you can skip some phases during the manufacturing; I guarantee their strength and their reliability, but it’s your job to work hard and start focusing on the most important things of your company.


Contribute to give cues, to clarify doubts or uncertainties or just to make an observation. In my website I’ll give space to:


  • Information
  • Tutorials
  • Solutions
  • Handbooks


I’ll do my best to help you make your manufacturing unique and perfect.


Thank you very much, have a good surfing and a good job.




P.S. If you have questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me.


P.S.S. Not everyone is ready and/or talented enough to have the right instruments to make it big…and you? To which category do you belong?  [:]

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