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Fraiser - The world's first brand specializing in router bits for wood

Welcome to Fraiser, the first Italian brand of sturdy router bits for wood that was created and distributed exclusively online. Fraiser was born from a frustration of Urbinati Matteo, the founder, who was tired of generalization and import (poor quality) who was taking the market and products, together with his brother Andrea, engineer and expert in materials, decided to specialize and focus only on router bits for wood made of strong and certified materials, all with a brand that was born and distributes exclusively on the internet.

So what are we?

We are specialized in the production of Italian router bits, with our certified materials and our special cutting angles (i. e. axial, as opposed to 98% of the others that are straight), we can guarantee you a high robustness and accurate precision for your milled material. Our cutters, unlike others, are not imported or made to produce undercost somewhere in the world, are 100% made in Italy and are distributed directly to the manufacturer exclusively on the Internet, you will not find Fraiser cutters in hardware or by other physical dealers.

Fraiser is the cutter used by market leaders. Being originally from Fermignano, a city famous for its industrial framework in the furniture field (see companies such as Imab and S2, two SpAs with capital of several million euros), we have studied and tested our cutters first of all with the best in the sector, receiving many good suggestions and excellent feedback. Now Fraiser cutters are also used for the most famous furniture in Italy.

In this short article that I decided to put on Home, I want to deal with some delicate topics and, I hope, that will help you to understand well some fundamental steps and some concepts related to wood milling cutters and to the milling in general.

Automatic manual or pantographs? When traditions do not change

First of all, let us define what manual milling cutter and automatic pantograph mean. The manual milling cutter, which we can divide and understand in two ways, is the "thing" that is inserted in our "portable"milling machine, the one that we take with two hands (there are also the small ones, called "pantographs" or manual "pantographs", that we can also keep one) and, having the piece of wood stationary, it is accompanied by shaping, contouring or blunting, In this type of milling cutters, it is very inadvisable (if not impossible at times) to insert suitable milling cutters for CNC or, precisely, automatic pantographs.

Why? Because often the attachment is not in conformity with your elastic clamp, especially if you have an economical version, and very willingly a "manual" processing is characterized by a limited quantity of products to finish, unlike the automatic.

Automatic pantographs, on the other hand, also called CNC machining centres (i. e. CNC machining centres (that is, numerical control, from a computer and a program loaded before), are those large and complicated machines (not for everyone would miss us, if you're an expert you don't put yourself laughing, it's necessary to make less experienced people understand;) that are used in carpentry workshops. They have a computer where the program is inserted and are used to perform a "series" of machining operations and therefore products. Diamond cutters (PKD -PCD-PCD- Polycrystalline polycrystalline cutters are often used in this type of machine tool, often "initialized"), suitable for specialised mass-processing (around 40 times those in Widiam Integrale). In this type of machine, it is possible to mount the milling cutters for manual milling machines, but they are often used in the upper model (with interchangeable knives or diamond cutters, as I said before).

To conclude, both machines are equipped with router bits for wood, the manual one is used more for quick jobs and small series, on the contrary, automatic pantographs are for long runs with a high demand for "numbers" (you can also use the automatic for only 1 piece, we would miss, but it is certainly not recommended for your finances:))

Price range, how much do they cost?

This is an argument that is often hidden or often obscured by shops or sellers, and today, I am not going to explain why an apparently the same cutter costs something more or less. I want to stop and make you understand why our router bits for wood are the best compared to the "chinoiserie" put on today's market just to make "volume" and enrich the catalogue of the supplier / dealer (which in the end, if we want to say all, are all leaders but all have the same products imported from the same country.... I could play the bicycle on this).

Our router bits, unlike the others, are produced with certified materials, coming from Europe, carefully selected by my brother Andrea and myself, an engineer with a master's degree in welding and an expert in materials with more than 15 years of experience.

Ourrouter bits are all balanced and studied in detail, using a special BLK coating unlike many others (I know, excuse me for the abbreviations but it's called this... in a few words they are first covered with this material, a special hot film applicable in 3 steps, and then shot by a special ultrasonic machine to clean the impurities and then send them back into the machine to "mirror" and recheck them.

The axial cutting angles and the special anti-shock design are specially designed to make your milled material safe and easy, with the certainty of having a product used by the best in your industry, and the awareness of finally being able to focus only on the things that really count in your work, that is to say to satisfy the end customer.

By summing up and synthesizing when you acquire a strong Fraiser cutter, you will have a milling cutter in your hands:

  • 100% Made in Italy, with certified materials, designed for maximum robustness
  • The result of years of experience, able to guarantee you an excellent product in all your experience
  • With Axial angles, for continuous contact with wood
  • With an anti-shock design, for better safety during advancement
  • Refined (i. e. sharpened) mirror finish, for 3 times longer "cutting edge" than normal sharpening
  • Coated (therefore unpainted) in BLK, for greater smoothness and hardness, specific for wood (not all of them, of course)
  • Used by your industry leaders, knowing that they have the right tool to break through
  • With the 101% guarantee satisfied or refunded, to be free to be able to make mistakes (all wrong, remember it)

In short, you'll have a sturdy Fraiser milling cutter in your hands

I conclude by inviting you to attend the blog where you will find many ideas and ideas for your work and, for any information or doubt, do not hesitate to contact me through the forms that you find on the site.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fraiser.


It's a Fraiser generation;)!