Collet chuck with grippers "ER20" for Toupie

Cod: FR.951/E

Collet chuck with grippers "ER20" for Toupie
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● Realized with high resistance special steel

● Precision on all surfaces to match

● The gripper is NOT included in the mandrel

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  • D= Cutting diameter (mm)
  • I= Cutting height (mm)
  • L= Total length (mm)
  • S= Diameter of attack (mm)
  • R= Size Range (mm)
  • K= Body thickness (mm)
  • D3= Internal diameter (mm)
  • A= Steepness (mm)

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Image Total length (L) D attach (S) D3 Cod. Price Stock Qty
43 M12X1,75 3 -> 12.7 951/E.122 €39.02
43 M14X2 3 -> 12.7 951/E.142 €39.02
43 M16X2 3 -> 12.7 951/E.162 €39.02

Spare parts




● Toupie


● Make sure that you have properly cleaned the gripper where the shank of your mandrel will be located, since eccessive residual can compromise the correct working

● Never forget to use the appropriate safety equipment, expecially if you use the tool for the first time


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