Fraiser collaboration rules with Maker

Are you a Maker?

Do you have a passion for DIY and would you like to increase your visibility and notoriety?

Fraiser is the first Italian company specializing exclusively in strong vertical routers bits for wood and is very pleased to work with any Maker who mills wood, in order to help increase the visibility and notoriety of the Maker and especially the passion of followers (hobbyists and craftsmen passionate about woodworking).

The collaboration consists basically in providing, by Fraiser, the cutters (and possibly other items such as glue for wooden joints, degreasers for tools, spindles, etc..) and a fee to the Maker, who will make a video, a photo and a post about woodworking using the articles received.

We have different collaboration critiques based on Followers - Members or Participants (fb or various groups).

Write us at [email protected] with all data & channels name with links



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