Fraiser bits are the same for everyone, we do not make line distinctions, the same milling cutters that are used to make award-winning kitchens are accessible to everyone and you can receive them directly to your home.

Remember that this is the first and only brand in Italy and in the world that offers this type of solution, Fraiser is the first company specialising only in milling cutters for wood, aluminium and plastic that can give you a certified product designed and created to measure for professionals like you!

It is for these reasons that our products are guaranteed 101%, with a special guarantee of satisfaction or money back.

Ps: shipping and return charges are not refundable.


Think of going to a department store and buying a tool and, on the way home, you realize you made a mistake. What do they do? Of course they change it for you or (almost never) give you back your money, but only the money for the tool and not the money for the time spent and/or gas to go to them. It seems fair, no?

Maybe I still do not understand ...

You got it right!

If you are not fully satisfied with the product you have purchased, you can easily return the cutter without charge.

Obviously, knowing the processes that our milling cutters face and above all having the utmost confidence in our studios, we do not think remotely that these fantastic milling cutters will not leave you satisfied and proud to have chosen us.

Our goal is to leave the customer enchanted and enthusiastic about their choice, leaving them speechless.

Of course the reason must be truthful and for this reason one of our tutors will be at your disposal and will contact you to understand the issues.

Technical conditions:

You have 14 days (solar) from receipt of goods to notify us by sending an email to [email protected] indicating the order number with the specification of the product or reference to be replaced / changed and the service satisfied or refunded will contact you to proceed with the operations of replacement / change.

Or you can send, within this time frame, a communication (via a/r) confirming the will to avail of it.

Important: it is essential that the goods are returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition at your expense within 14 days from the time of delivery, according to d. Lgs. 206/2005 art. 64-65-66-67.

in the case in which the error of delivery was of fraiser, it will be the same company to support the expenses for the restitution of the goods.

Please note: requests received after the elapsing of the maximum time will be taken into consideration by writing off a 20% of the initial value for a possible refund for a maximum of 30 days.

When am I entitled to the warranty?

  • I purchased a bits under the tutor's recommendation but it does not work for my job
  • I have followed the machining parameters of my tutor or those I find in my account and the cutter has broken or is not working properly.

When am I not entitled to a warranty?

  • I have purchased several models to try on my own initiative and I think one product is better than another (ask the tutor for assistance first).
  • I have mistaken to purchase for diameter, shank or model
  • I have used (and ruined) the cutter without asking for the working parameters
  • I did not ask for assistance from the Fraiser tutors before purchasing and using the product.

Refunds and returns

The cost of shipping and return is always borne by the purchaser if he/she is not entitled to a warranty.

The refund will be issued once the tool has arrived and verified its condition.

The refund is made via paypal or bank transfer, write us at assistenza[at] for more info

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