Pattern router bits with insert knives Z=1

Cod: FR.403

Milling machine with straight cutting edges and an interchangeable knife fastened with Torx screw. Appropriate for all the applications that don't require a lot of time nor a big economic investment. Use it on portable milling machines, point-to-point machines and CNC pantographs.
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Special high resistance steel, used by company same as Ferrari® e Porche®.

Tungsten carbide knife 3 times more STRONG and DURING compared to economical alternatives thanks to our technological treatments based on a SPECIAL and SECRET combination of heat & pressure during the sintering

● 1 x Knife cutting edge in Tungsten Carbide (Z1)

Bearing above the cutting edge

BITTOP Included, to protect and optimize your cutter

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  • D= Cutting diameter (mm)
  • I= Cutting height (mm)
  • L= Total length (mm)
  • S= Diameter of attack (mm)
  • R= Size Range (mm)
  • K= Body thickness (mm)
  • D3= Internal diameter (mm)
  • A= Steepness (mm)

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Image Diameter (D) Cutting length (I) Total length (L) № of teeth (Z) D attach (S) A H Cod. Price Stock Qty
Click for Zoom 19 49.5 100 1 12 - - 403.190.12D $76.15
Click for Zoom 19 49.5 100 1 12.7 - - 403.190.127D $76.15



● Finishes

● Millings

● Sloping cuts

● Grooves

● Shape




● Never use consumed or damaged router bits

● Work with an adequate speed of progress, never force the tool

● Be particularly careful when enter the wood with router bits that have a small diameter

● Clean the tool with the BITTOP

● In order to obtain better results with small diameters, carry out the cut several times


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