PKD diamond Flush trim router bits for laminates

Cod: FRD.113

Milling machines with two polycrystalline cutting edges (PCD) represent the top range of milling machines specialized in trimming. The Polycrystalline cutting edges determine a new standard of performance; trimming milling machines guarantee millings even 40 times higher than classic HW cutting edges.
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Polycrystalline cutting edges certified , guarantee millings even 40 times higher than classic HW

Anti Kick-back design, for the best security during the advancement

Shear angle, specifically designed to shear wood cleanly and provide efficient chip ejection

Multi-Axis grinding, for longer duration

BITTOP (?) attached , for optimize and protect your tools

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Image Total length (L) Diameter (D) Cutting length (I) № of teeth (Z) D attach (S) Rotation Cuscinetto Cod. Price Stock Qty
Click for Zoom 58.1 12.7 11 2 8 DX 1 D113.127.8D $119.65
Click for Zoom 58.1 12.7 11 2 6 DX 1 D113.127.6D $119.65
Click for Zoom 58.1 12.7 11 2 6.35 DX 1 D113.127.63D $119.65
Click for Zoom 82 12.7 27 3 12 RIGHT 1 D113.127.27D $130.00
Click for Zoom 82 12.7 27 3 12.7 RIGHT 1 D113.127.127D $130.00

Spare parts

Sku Chiave Cuscinetto Rosa Salva Cusc Vite
D113.127.8D 901.127.00 907.127
D113.127.6D 901.127.00 907.127
D113.127.63D 901.127.00 907.127
D113.127.27D 901.127.00 907.127
D113.127.127D 901.127.00 907.127



● Trimm the edges






● Never use consumed or damaged router bits.

● Work with an adequate speed of progress, never force the tool.

● Be particularly careful when enter the wood with router bits that have a small diameter.

● Clean the tool with the supplied BITTOP.

● In order to obtain better results with small diameters, carry out the cut several times.


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