Image Diameter (D) Cutting length (I) D attach (S) Note Sku Price Buy
Fresa circolare in PKD per incastri 100.4 7 22 Zeta P2 D112.101.30D $230.08
Fresa circolare in PKD per incastri 100.4 7 30 CNC D112.100.30D $229.83
DP GROOVE CUTTER FOR "LAMELLO - CLAMEX P" JOINTS - Certified and 100% made in Italy for unmatched robustness and precision. Make your milling smooth and without burning thanks to the Fraiser for wood

Suitable for making Clamex P connecting fittings for furniture, shelve units and kitchen making fast and easy to mount

Ideal for

● wood composites

● plastic and laminated materials


● Never use consumed or damaged router bits.

● Work with an adequate speed of progress, never force the tool

● Be particularly careful when enter the wood with router bits that have a small diameter

● Protect the tool with the supplied liquid "BITTOP". In order to obtain better results with small diameters, carry out the cut several times

Read yourself what the millers who chose the strong italian bit for wood say about us

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