Standard indexable HW knives - 4 cutting edges equilateral rounded

Cod: FR.815R

Standard reversible knives with 4 radiate equilateral cutting edges in HM (widiam) The dimentions on the table stand for W=Width, H=Height, T=Thickness
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Tungsten Carbide in "micro-grain" certified , for a maximum strength and a long life

4 equilateral cutting edges

● Slightly radiate angle

● The knife can be used in a double way (you can even turn it)

● In every package there are 10 items

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  • D= Cutting diameter (mm)
  • I= Cutting height (mm)
  • L= Total length (mm)
  • S= Diameter of attack (mm)
  • R= Size Range (mm)
  • K= Body thickness (mm)
  • D3= Internal diameter (mm)
  • A= Steepness (mm)

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Image Total length (L) A H K Durezza Cod. Price Stock Qty
14 30 14 2 F1730 815R.140.10 €40.41

Spare parts




F1730 Good for both soft, dry, damp woods and hard, dry damp woods

S2020 Good for hard, dry and damp woods, cheapboard and MDF

U2300 Good for cheapboard, MDF and HDF

N2550 Good for cheapboard, MDF, HDF and abrasive materials


● Spare parts for router bits


● Never use knives used or in damaged drills

● Work at speeds adequate, never force the tool


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