Straight Router Bits

What is meant when we talk about straight carbide cutters (HM) or steel (SP)?

Straight metal or steel cutters are all those cutters that have the vertical or horizontal part of the cutting edge, which is straight.

The straight cutting edge, in turn, can be slightly inclined (oblique) and is used to work much more smoothly the wood allowing your cutter to "eat" differently than the other thousand cutters on the market, making your milled material smoother and without a shadow of a doubt with many fewer burns.

This last type of cutting edge, called "axial cutting edge", is the only one we have adopted in our cutters, a fixed point for a robust Fraiser

How do I recognize HM carbide carbide and SP steel carbide?

The straight carbide cutters, also called drills in widia - HM, appear immediately to the eye for their brazed brazed plate, i. e. that the sharp part of the cutter (recognizable because it is different in colour from the body) is welded to the steel body.

On the other hand, straight cutters made of SP steel have the cutting edge of the same material as the tool body and it can be recognized not only by the lack of welding on the cutting edge, but also by the lower weight of the cutter itself.

If you want to go deeper into the topic click here and you will open an article that I wrote in the blog where I talk about how to choose a cutter and, inside, there are also detailed explanations of the types of material.

The straight cutter in metal and steel is a cutter suitable for everyday use and is very versatile thanks to its low cost and versatility

A sturdy straight steel and carbide Fraiser has a minimum durability of 3 times more than an economical alternative thanks to our certified materials and custom treatment

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