Welcome in our Affiliate Program!

We are pleased to present you the easiest and fastest way to earn money without risk thanks to the Internet, even if you don't have experience and money to invest: the Fraiser Affiliate Program.

How does the Fraiser Affiliate Program work?

By joining Fraiser's affiliate program, you will become one of our Affiliates and promote our products through your social channels. For each purchase resulting from your promotion, you will receive a commission (a percentage of the sale, see below).

To allow your followers to purchase Fraiser products, your promotion must contain exclusive and personal links directly to the Fraiser website or Fraiser products that can be purchased in the online store.

The promotion is much more effective if it is done in conjunction with the publication of a video or article where the promoted products are used or mentioned.

For example, if you publish the video of a table project and use the Tornado milling cutter, under the video you will indicate the milling cutter with your personal link (if you are accepted you will have your private area where you will receive a personal tracking code).

Why should you become a Fraiser Affiliate?

Fraiser is the first and only brand in the world specialized in Robust Italian Cutters for Wood, which has completely revolutionized the cutting tools market in Italy.

For years, in fact, tool dealers have generated endless problems for the user, such as the lack of assistance for the choice and use of the cutter and the unwarranted supply of cutters that burn, make the wood rough and lose the cutting edge in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to Fraiser's experienced engineers and technicians we can instead guarantee fast and precise service (including ideal working parameters) and with our robust milling cutters (thanks to the DuroTop carbide production process, the Diamond Powder coating of our SPACER - the original Triple Life wood cutter, and the miraculous Bittop protective liquid) it is possible to carry out smooth and burn-free machining for three times longer than common alternatives!

Every purchase is protected by 2 special and unique guarantees: "101% satisfied or refunded" and "shipped within 24h or it's free", so there is no risk for your followers.

In the last year alone we have received thousands of full marks reviews certified by Trustpilot, proving that we are not only good at communicating but we keep our promises.

We strongly believe that a professional like you in the woodworking industry, serious and respectable, promoting Fraiser milling cutters can further enhance your reputation and notoriety, as well as earn a few extra money that never hurts!

How much commission do you earn?

For each sale that will arise from your link, you will earn 10% of the net price (ie without VAT) of the product.

What are the requirements we ask of a Fraiser Affiliate?

The Fraiser must have at least (better if all) one of these requirements.

Youtube channel with at least 5000 subscribers Blog or personal site updated with good content

Well maintained Instagram channel with at least 5000 followers

You do not respect these parameters but do you think you deserve our program?

Write to us, in the end we will personally judge the applications and we can make some exceptions.

What do you need to do to join the Fraiser Affiliate Program?

Contact us by email at pr@fraisertools.com and we will immediately consider your application!

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