Payment methods


Payment with credit carad or prepaid-card

This payment is not allowed yet,so we are implementing online ATM to offer you all the best solutions.


Payments with Paypal


You can choose this type of payment by selecting Pay-pal option; once you see confirm button, select pay-pal payment to complete your order.


>> If you already have a pay-pal account, log in with your email and password and confirm the payment.

>> If you don’t have a pay-pal account, you can create brand new one by using your credit card or prepaid card; in this case you just have to select the type of card fill in with youor personal data and confirm the payment.

To send direct payments with pay-pal outside web site, the email adress for the payments is:


Payments with bank transfer


You can choose this type of payment by selecting ANTICIPATED Bank Transfer; once you see confirm button, select Bank-transfer payment to complete your order.

At the end of the buying operation, you will receive the data to make the anticipated Bank-transfer.


The shipment of what you have ordered, will take place once the deposit on Fraiser bank account is effective; you can do the payment within 5 working days from the acceptance date of the order. If you don’t the order will be automatically cancelled.


Make the bank transfer out to:



IBAN: IT 71S0 8700 6828 00000 6013 2770



Cash on delivery is not allowed



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