Image Diametro (D) Altezza di taglio (I) Lunghezza totale (L) D attacco (S) H Sku Price Buy
FRESA A GRADINO C/COLT. HW Z2 DX D=34.9x12x53 S=6.35 34.9 12 55 6.35 9,5 410.349.635D £60.65
FRESA A GRADINO C/COLT. HW Z2 DX D=34.9x12x53 S=8 34.9 12 55 8 9,5 410.349.8D £60.65
FRESA A GRADINO C/COLT. HW Z2 DX D=34.9x12x65 S=12.7 34.9 12 65 12.7 9.5 410.349.127D £60.65
FRESA A GRADINO C/COLT. HW Z2 DX D=50.8X28.3X87.3 S=12 50.8 28.3 87.3 12 16 410.508.12D £82.37
FRESA A GRADINO C/COLT. HW Z2 DX D=50.8X28.3X87.3 S=12.7 50.8 28.3 87.3 12.7 16 410.508.127D £82.37

Spare Parts

These router bits produce inset doors, back of furniture and drawer fronts. Each bit includes a standard bearing but other bearings to produce rabbets of diverse dimentions are available. Use it on portable milling machines.

● Never use consumed or damaged router bits

● Work with an adequate speed of progress, never force the tool

● Be particularly careful when enter the wood with router bits that have a small diameter

● Clean the tool with the BITTOP

● In order to obtain better results with small diameters, carry out the cut several times

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FAQ - What you need to know to be a winning miller

BITTOP, to TRIPLE the duration of your strong Fraiser router bit

BITTOP is an exclusive product that serves to optimize and protect your Fraiser cutter, helping it to last three times longer than ALL OTHER alternatives.

It was created to make the most of your milling cutter, a special concentrated formula designed by us that can maintain and preserve the tools, greatly increasing their durability.

How does it work?

Once the cutter has been cleaned (with products such as TOOLSNER 3.0), before placing it in its box, just a few more drops, scattered with a finger or directly from the bottle (not with the cloth, would not remain in the cutter but would be absorbed by it ... and do not worry that it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic) in the stem and head, to keep it in perfect condition until the next use.

Here's that in a few seconds, every time you will have a tool at the height and always well guarded, ready to face the most extreme of processing.

Of course, be careful not to cut yourself, we decline any responsibility.

When am I entitled to receive BITTOP?

BITTOP is an exclusive FRAISER and is not sold separately, you can only have it with the purchase of a Fraiser cutter. (not even with an accessory or non-fraiser bit, only with the purchase of a cutter directly shipped from our store)

Read yourself what the millers who chose the strong italian bit for wood say about us

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