BOSS BEAVER | Covered with Diamond Powder

BOSS BEAVER | Covered with Diamond Powder

New Router bits coated with Diamond powder, exclusive to Fraiser!

Thanks to the special coating of the carbide, the original Boss Beaver wood cutter allows you to definitively solve all the problems related to high abrasion, poor sliding of the chip and chemical aggression, which occur during the milling, ensuring a duration of the cutter 3 to 4 times more than the equivalent Fraiser NON-Coated (if you compare it to a non-professional cutter, the duration is 9 to 12 times more!).

  • Longer machining life (3 to 4X), thanks to the special coating. Increase production and reduce maintenance!
  • Lower machining temperature due to less friction of the coated cutter
  • Improved chip flow, therefore less adherence for scraps and glues harmful to your cutter and your pieces
  • Considerable savings over time due to longer life and less maintenance.

If you want to find out all about the original wood cutter that lasts three times as long click here =>

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