Who am I (or better, who are we) ?

Hello and welcome to fraisertools.com, the first and only portal dedicated to router bits and wood milling, where you can receive fast and complete assistance as well as buy strong and accurate cutters with two special guarantees on the purchase!

You can rest assured that even if you are on a website, to make it work at its best there are real people who work 20 hours a day and not robots! Do you want to know who we are?

We are Matteo and Andrea Urbinati, two brothers of a family that has been working for almost 50 years in the field of woodworking tools, in contact with some of the most important Italian furniture companies. 

I'm Matteo Urbinati and Fraiser was born from my mind. After more than 10 years of trading in tools, I realized that all the big manufacturing companies were generating big problems for the market and mainly for craftsmen and all those who work wood as a hobby.

Every day I witnessed real injustices against the poor craftsmen and hobbyists and at a certain point I refused to accept that normality and I decided to revolutionize the sick market of tools!

Together with my brother Andrea, mechanical engineer and expert in materials, we spent years thinking about how to solve definitively all the problems generated by large manufacturers and today, after so much effort and sacrifice, we have created Fraiser, the first brand specialized exclusively in Strong Italian router bits for wood, which acts directly online!

Contrary to all the other brands that offer endless families of tools, we have chosen only router bits and this has allowed us over the years to become the undisputed experts or even better "The Urbinaiser - the specialists of router bits wood ".

In addition, contrary to the other tools brands, we have chosen to give up the dealers to have direct contact with the millers (the people who work with the router bit).

Of course we could sell many more bits with dealers ... but this would not allow us to say head-on that with Fraiser you can finally mill as the best in the industry and receive all the attention that no one has ever given you before, with the additional security of 2 special guarantees!

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