Hello, perhaps you are wondering who is behind all this …

Hoping not to get you bored, I am going to tell you who I am and how I managed to create this brand dedicated to milling, completely in internet.

Who am I ?

I am Matteo Urbinati, I come from a family of grinders and traders of tools for wood that for more than 40 years has been supplying leading companies in that business such as Imab and S2.

I have always been a lover of tools and do-it-yourself in general – but I have always thought that no good and true specialization and training to the purchase was really around, and at least by myself, accessible and easy to be found.

The idea came to me a few years ago, I decided that I would have a line of tools completely mine but different from any other, I was tired and angry about the generalism into which the ‘leading’ companies in that business were and are dragged nowadays.

I had to change my business and really solve many problems due to misinformation, lack of robustness and precision of the tools manufacturers that are around.

I could imagine a meeting on Monday morning, by a whichever generalist: ‘Perfect, we have included the yellow line, now let’s start with the offers and let’s go and dominate the blue part … Marco (not his real name) are you going to leave to ‘China’ this time ?!?!?!

That is why I decided to specialize in the world of router bits for woodworking.

But how do you do all this?

It was back in 2013 when, together with my brother and partner in Fraiser, which is a mechanical engineer, I began to search for, test, try materials and suppliers most suitable to my needs, I wanted excellent products, robust and precise at the same time.

It did not seem much to ask but in your opinion how many producers did want to give audience to a young man who wanted to make router bits for the ‘unknown’ world of Internnnett? (Yes yes, pronounced just like that, like most people pronounced it during my research)
That’s right, almost no one … but who could blame them?

The most common answers were:

  • Where do you go with router bits only?
  • You have to do like everyone else, go to China and with a few money you can bring back anything
  • I am sorry but it is not worth making them in Italy, it is cheaper importing them and even if they last less than a half people do not realize it (and yes I used to think, till when I start to say to them)

It was a cold morning and, after calling all over Europe finally an answer, finally an appointment, finally my project could start.

We joined our forces and together we began to make robust and precise router bits, tests initially did not go very well, but with strength and determination, we got to have the wished product and I was really proud and happy.

We had found the perfect certified materials and thanks to special cutting corners we could really place our router bits at the top of the market.

Hence Fraiser was born, an exclusive collection of robust router bits, 100% made in Italy, guaranteed and checked out by me and my staff in person.

I decided to focus on online sale only, where this brand was born, because I consider myself an expert … just think that in 2013 I was also the first in Italy to create and lead the router bits on Amazon, yet there was not even the category, think that router bits for wood initially had been put under “gardening” hehehe!

In this site you will find videos and articles in which I will try to convey my passion, if you want you can spend some time with me and maybe tell me how you feel because your ideas are welcome here.

Thanks again for your time,
welcome to Fraiser.


PS: If you want to know the whole story and go into the details, you can find it told by myself in the book “The Fraiser Theory”, on sale in our store and on Amazon (Available soon in Italian).
PPS: If you want to contact me and ask for something click here, you will be contacted as soon as possible![:]