From now, you can make happy all of your friends who, just like you, have a passion for wood milling by inviting them to try Fraiser!

Try our router bits thoroughly, test our customer service... And as soon as you are fully satisfied, recommend us to your friends!

Remember that they too can enjoy the two special and unique guarantees “101% satisfied or refunded”and “shipped within 24h or it's free of charge”, so that they don't risk anything!

You will see that they too will be so happy they will thank you a million!

And there’s more: in addition to feeling cool for the thanks, for each of your friends who try Fraiser, you will earn points that will give you great prizes!

For each friend you introduce Fraiser to, you’ll be entitled to 200 points, then a voucher of €10 for your next sturdy router bit.

And that’s not all!

For each order you place you will receive 1 Fraiser Point for every Euro you spent, so you are entitled to receive vouchers worth €15!

Moreover, thanks to your contribution, we will be able to continue to devote our energies to serve people like you in the best possible way, by developing better and better router bits and a quicker and more precise customer service.

We are not an international company and we do not want to become like all the other tool suppliers who spend their time only to find new customers, completely neglecting the customers who are already there!


With Fraiser you will never be let alone.


Just a few little rules (which never fail)

  • The Club is reserved exclusively for members of the website, so those who choose to pay as external guests or buy from third parties are not entitled to obtain points.
  • The system is patented and developed by us, therefore, if we notice any bug abuser, (i.e. someone who slyly abuses of some temporary problems),these people will be immediately BANNED.
  • We will check the destination locations for double and/or fake accounts :)


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